Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mike Rea Interview on Fecal Face Dot Com

Written by Ryan Christian

Throughout my formative days in school I eventually decided that almost everyone is pretty willy nilly in the wood shop. Maybe my generation has phobia of power tools to some extent or a larger ratio of us are mega sensitive to saw dust. It could have been a geographical concern, but I didn't think that the case either being that I was in rural Illinois. The tightest thing I had even seen made out of wood was maybe a big tree, or a really fancy birdhouse, or the structure of a swanky home being built. There wasn't anything interesting and wooden in my life.

Then back in 2006, I go to this Mike Rea guys opening at the Butcher Shop/ Dogmatic Gallery in Chicago. The space (a very large one) was jam packed with these, super elaborate, grandiose, all wooden sculptures. I had never been immediately engaged by work like that before upon entering a gallery, it was more like walking in to a theme park than an art show.

Since then he has continued to artistically push it to the limit and top himself over and over again. I even saw him eat a bacon cheddar burger pretzel dog once, that's ambition.

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