Sunday, February 24, 2008

HOW 2008 International Design Awards: Best of Show

Artist collective Seripop Wins Best of Show, Congratulations from Reuben!

Poster Children: Seripop

by Bryn Mooth

Ordinarily, the judges’ debate about which entry out of nearly 4,000 stands out as the Best of Show is intense but fairly short-lived. Every contender gets a fair shake, but there’s typically a quick consensus.

Not this year. Judges Nathan Hendricks, Debbie Millman and John Foster carried on a spirited discussion for about two hours, as they weighed which of the 10 Outstanding Achievement winners would score the top honor.

The project that finally emerged as Best of Show was noteworthy not just because of its magnitude (a series of 16 screen printed posters) but also because of its craftsmanship and style. The Montreal design shop Seripop created, illustrated and printed these gig posters for the underground music promotion company Blue Skies Turn Black. While the judges debated whether a no-creative-limits project for a risk-taking client and a narrow audience truly merited their votes, they agreed that the posters’ uniqueness stood out. “This is the culmination of everything that was good about the whole show,” says judge John Foster.

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