Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reuben Kincaid on Location:

Outside television producers Telefantasy Studios

We’re standing around outside a Bestwestern coffee shop in Hollywood, just off the 101 freeway drinking coffee while we wait for our table. I’m here with the producers from Telefantasy Studios to talk with them about their new project “Multinauts,” their student grant program “Hondas for poor kids,” and some of the driving forces behind their production trio. The group consists of Riley Swift, Christine Adolph, and Jennifer Juniper Stratford (JJ) who have given us such classics as TV.2525, Willow Don’t Cry, the Dungeon Majesty series and the inspiration behind the “We're Rollin',They're Hatin'” theme of version 7.

As we are called to our table we spot Rebecca Romijn Stamos (minus the Stamos) and Jerry O’Connell (detective from Crossing Jordan) enjoying a morning Coke float. It’s great to be in LA and I’m glad that Telefantasy had the time to meet with me. The team has been working day and night on the production of “Multinauts”, which will premiere its first episode at the next Version Fest in April. The three of them are outside television producers, which means they don’t have the luxury of a writers’ strike and have to work straight through to make the spring deadline.

The new series Multinauts is a multi-dimensional time-traveler show that JJ says, “is a straight up adventure show.” It has three characters from different dimensions and time periods that join together to fight the corporate villain “Oysters Rockefeller.” The show will be shifting from Telefantasy’s traditional public access production style to a new television network aesthetic and will be more along the lines of their music video “Willow Don’t Cry”. The time and place for the premiere has not been set, but make sure you bring your Dungeon Majesty Fan Club card to get reserve seating and member gifts.

The original series Dungeon Majesty has given telefantasy studios the most critical acclaim and has put them on the map in the LA television community. The idea for the series started back in April 2004 while the three were playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons (Riley’s the Dungeon Master) and decided to make a show about the game. The show isn’t them just playing a game of D&D, but it’s an adventure series with detailed models, special effects, blue screens and improvisational acting(the best kind). The series currently consists of six twenty-five minute episodes and ten shorts that explore the many different aspects of D&D. The production value has increased every episode, but is still deeply rooted in a public access aesthetic. Each show leaves you wanting to make your own detailed outfit of your D&D character to wear to your next match, so watch! It’s on the “tube”.

As we finish our meal and settle up the bill, we walk towards our trusty Honda in the lot and grab one more glance at Rebecca Romijn’s perfect ponytail. Til’ next time, it’s Aron Gent signing off for Reuben Kincaid on location.

Check out more at www.dungeonmajesty.com and make sure to take your card with you!